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Registration Details

Registration Details

Enter your legal first name as displayed on your passport, birth certificate or deed poll.

Enter your legal last name(s) as displayed on your passport, birth certificate or deed poll.

Enter the name you prefer to be know as. This may be a shortened version of your first name, a middle name or a different name you prefer.

Select your legal gender from the options available as held on your passport, birth certificate or gender reassignment document.

Gender identity is an internal perception of oneself and, as such, the gender category with which a person identifies may not match the sex they were registered at birth.

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Email Address

e.g. (your.name@example.com)

e.g. (your.name@example.com)

Before you register your email address and to make sure we have everything we need to register your online account please remember to:

  • Double-check the email address you are entering to make sure there are no extra characters and that the email domain is correct (i.e .co.uk, .com, .org).
  • Try and use an email address that is personal to you (where possible).
  • Use an email address that you can access and check regularly, even if it be outside of school/work, on weekends or during holidays.
  • If you haven’t already you may want to add applications@gloscol.ac.uk as a contact or to your email addresses safe senders list.