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Ysabelle Leal

Fashion, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I’ve always liked fashion and I knew that college would help me more than sixth form. I need to be more practical, and I knew the college course would help me a lot more than sixth form – and it did!

Ysabelle Leal

When we have a theme for a project, I love making the designs come to life. Taking my drawing to real life designs always makes me really happy. My favourite design is a tote bag and a mask I made for my very first project, where the theme was ‘Red Carpet’. I’d never experienced fashion design before so I made sure I did something where I could be proud of myself.

If I met someone who wants to do fashion, I’d definitely recommend the Cheltenham campus. The teachers help me a lot too; they know my weakness and know my strength and I like those kinds of teachers. I really like the support they give.

At college you meet a lot of different people, and they inspire me in different ways. It helps me grow by seeing how other people’s minds work. That wouldn't have happened if I’d stayed in my school!
After college I’m studying Fashion Design at university. I’m heading to either Loughborough, Kings College or LCA.