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Thomas Dixon

Computing, Level 2

Forest of Dean Campus

I’ve been using computers for the past few years – playing games and doing lots of technical stuff.

Thomas Dixon

I enjoy the physical parts of computers like fixing hardware, moving wires, that kind of thing! We get to do a lot of work in class about hardware, taking apart computers and putting them back together, making sure they work, and troubleshooting.

College is a lot more open than school. You can do more of what you want, and there’s more choice in what you do. You can really specialise.

The teachers are easy to talk to if you have any problems. It’s a really nice, relaxed environment and everyone is nice here. On my first day, I was really shy, but it’s really easy to make friends because everyone is in the same boat.

It’s a really calming place. You learn a lot of stuff and my lecturers are easy to speak to and approachable.