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Taylor Watson

Cyber Security, Degree Apprenticeship

Cheltenham Campus

I knew I wanted to go down the apprenticeship route, instead of A Levels and university because I felt ready for the world of work.

Taylor Watson

After I completed my Level 3 apprenticeship with a merit, I wanted to do the Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship to further my knowledge and education. I was already working for Cyber Security Associates; they told me about the GC apprenticeship and said they’d be happy to sponsor me through it after I completed my GCSEs.

I work as a cyber security analyst investigating situations that arise on users’ networks and verifying whether they’re a threat or not. I also research current trends in the field and report to my team in the form of ‘threat-hunting’, so we stay ahead of the game for active protection of company networks.

So far I’ve learnt how to monitor computer networks and spot malware from common trends, how to build networks and servers, as well as soft skills such as communication.

I feel like if you’re a student who feels ready to work, or someone who wants to learn more than you can at school, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship; I can only praise how quickly it’s enabled me to evolve as a person and in my career.

The college and my employer have supported me by giving me all of the resources I need in order to progress and work on myself. We’ve been working remotely since November 2019, so the transition during the current pandemic was simple. I’ve still maintained the same contact with the college, meaning I’ve been able to keep up with my work and even progress up to a higher-level apprenticeship during it.