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Sam Sek

Art and Design, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I did one year of sixth form, but I wanted to focus on Art and felt like I'd rather use that skill to my best and focus on things I find more interesting.

Sam Sek

I prefer how visual it is. There’s a lot of thinking but it’s freer and you can do what you want really.

We learn new skills and I like that we have multiple briefs – you don’t get burnt out and bored on one brief. I like how different the briefs are. You can pick one theme and really focus on that. I can put all my personal interests into the brief, so I got to design a poster for a tattoo shop in the style that I’m quite interested in.

I like how you’re treated more like an adult at college. I like how free I am, and I can dress and present myself how I want. I can happily talk to my teachers if I have any problems or if I’m struggling. They’re good at getting resources and things we need to do our work.

Right now, I’m thinking of maybe going to university and doing illustration or finding an apprenticeship doing tattooing.