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Rumeo De Freitas Pires

Digital Infrastructure, T Level

Cheltenham Campus

I chose a T Level because it’s more academically focused and it gives a lot more opportunities than a L3 qualification, as well as work experience.

Rumeo De Freitas Pires

Right now, we are working with Gloucestershire County Council for 45 days across the year where they trust us to do high quality projects. Every Friday we go there, and so far we’ve worked with the software development team and IT service desk. Each day is different and this adds variety.

The course is very academic and gives more knowledge than cyber security. It offers a variety of jobs including networking, route cause analysis, testing and looking inside computers. I have joined meetings with Hub 8, and T Level students get priority access to employer speakers.

The best thing about the course, which I enjoy, is opening a laptop and removing parts, looking at how it works, testing it and repairing it. This was a live case, and in order to do this, we had to bypass security and upgrade components and security.

I’d say definitely take the course if you want to know everything IT related, such as troubleshooting, networking, route cause analysis, tools and testing. There is some hacking in this course and there will be more next year. I want to do hacking and know this is my future job. I’d like to stay on and do the university level apprenticeship level 6 at GC, and eventually I would like to work at GCHQ.