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Rhianna Lewis-Watkins

Health & Social Care, Level 2

Gloucester Campus

I want to go into the medical field and this is one of the pathways I can take to get into it. I’d like to be a midwife; I find it fascinating. We’ve learnt a bit about midwifery, and knowing that you’re gonna bring a new life into the world is really exciting.

Rhianna Lewis-Watkins

We've learned about healthy living and different legislations, babies' growth and development – lots of things!

I like the college environment because you get treated more like an adult. You’re more independent. Instead of going out into the world, you’ve still got support but you’re getting ready to go to work. I look forward to coming in. My lecturer is really nice, she’s really supportive.
You have to be hardworking because the course is fast-paced and we have multiple assignments at a time. It’s preparing us to stay on top of everything later in life!