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Owen Swift

Carpentry, Level 2 Apprenticeship

Gloucester Campus

I was doing A Levels at another college but started working at a construction company over the summer and from that I decided to start an apprenticeship. I enjoy the people I work with, one of them teaches me every day and I work on site with the other two.

Owen Swift

At college, I like learning things in more detail. I’m quite a hands-on person anyway – at college, they show you the details of why you do it like this and how you can use it in different ways, and learn different techniques. I’ve liked doing pipe boxing – anything intricate that makes you really have to think about it and how it’ll look because it’s a fun challenge.
You get treated more as an adult. I’ve got a really good relationship with my lecturers and my student mentor has helped me with loads of stuff. I’ve got dyslexia and ADD and he’s helped me get a new laptop and exam support

It’s a good course, with good lecturers who are always there to help you out if you need anything. Lots of additional support too. Just try and get an application as early as possible!