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Obi Newman

Cyber Security and Forensic Computing, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I spent a lot of my life with computers. I started writing code when I was around 10/11 and have been expanding since then. I came to college because I felt like I needed more freedom. I was mainly interested in cyber security, and I really liked the facilities at Cheltenham Campus.

Obi Newman

I love the freedom you get at college. Whilst keeping on top of work you’ve got time to go off and do whatever – I spend the time getting knowledge in the industry. I’ve been working on many projects in Hub8 and through that I’m getting knowledge of the industry so that hopefully I can land a good job pretty fast.

We did a software development project which was really fun – it's something I already know about so I could show off what I could do. The lecturers are great too, they’re always interested in what I’m doing and helpful to bounce ideas off and they’ve helped me make contacts.

I’ve really enjoyed software development – I spend a lot of my time on user interface development. I’m really interested in expanding my ideas on design. I didn’t have much interest in design but since I’ve started my designs have gotten a lot better!

I’ve got a security place at university, but after college, I’m going to look into getting a job in software development.

Coming to college was probably the best decision I could have made – for someone who knows what they’d like to do it was the best choice I could have made.

My tip for anyone is to learn a programming language – it's going to be such a prominent thing over the next couple of years, that everyone should know the basics of how a computer works.