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Matt Butler

Cyber Security and Forensic Computing, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I was very passionate about Computer Science but school didn’t offer the flexibility I wanted, so I moved to college.

Matt Butler

I enjoy the flexibility of the communication we have with our lecturers. I have three different lecturers and we talk about a whole breadth of things, knowledge of things around building products. They teach you the content of the course and assist you with things you are doing.

At college, you’re expected to be an adult, and you’re treated as an adult. It’s a much more mature environment compared to school – you don’t get watched or in trouble if you don’t do work. You should be driven by your own work ethic because you’re not babysat.

At the time I was very interested in pen testing and ethical hacking parts of the industry – when I got here I was able to do commercial work in software development through contacts we made at Hub8. We’ve worked on about 8 different projects and discovered we had a passion for building other people’s visions. The structure of the college course meant we had time to do that.

We also did work building cyber security audit tools based on parameters, built Cheltenham Science Festival products for North Green Security, and built child safety apps.

You can discover what you enjoy – you may not know exactly what you enjoy and come out of this knowing you want to do. You get a piece of experience in all these areas.