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Lucie Scammell

Hairdressing, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I’ve wanted to do hairdressing since I was about 10. My mum used to go to this fancy salon and I’d sit there for hours - I didn’t want to do A Levels or anything as I’m not so good with tests.

Lucie Scammell

I like doing colour because it’s more creative and you can do a lot more with it. It's really satisfying with the before and after photos.
Finding clients is a really good way to learn and do the assessments. My lecturers are really good, they’re always there to help. I wasn’t very confident with cuts but the more practice I’ve had, the more confident I felt doing haircuts. It’s really lovely getting the client feedback afterwards.

I’m looking to get full-time work in a salon but haven’t fully decided yet! I’d like to travel but I’ll figure it out.

I really like the course, it’s been a lot of fun. My teachers are nice and my class is a really nice size - and we’re all friends!