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Lois Liles

Catering & Hospitality, Level 2

Cheltenham Campus

I was living in Spain and working in small restaurants. I really enjoyed it, so I came here, looking for where I wanted to be in that world!

Lois Liles

I love being able to practice what I’m doing in a real-life environment. I love the mix of studying and doing the work in the restaurant; to still be learning and training while still not losing the passion I have for the business.

I like a lot of the freedom you have at college and that we can go out on our breaks and have more independence. I’ve loved hanging out with my friends and made some good friends here.

My lecturer, Simon, has really helped me and advised that I stay to do the Level 3 Hospitality Supervision and Leadership course because he knows how much I love the front of house and how much I want to pursue it. As a waiter, he’s shown me all the little tips and tricks, the things that make me stand out. The subtle things that make all the difference!

I’d 100% recommend my course. Anyone who is interested in cooking, waiting, or anything like that – it's definitely the course to be at.