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Laura Ignacio

Art and Design - Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

The best skill I learned at GC was the way of experimenting with everything – I learned to say yes. College really taught me that I can make anything and explore different pathways; it taught me to be adaptable and that I can learn any skill. 

Laura Ignacio

If I don’t know skills or techniques I have the tools here to learn them really fast. I could learn about set design, and I could learn about sculpting at the same time, and I can learn about painting at the same time, and learn every single one of those skills very well.

My advice for young creative people is definitely to explore your path. People tend to go into very traditional pathways in the creative industries, but those pathways are very saturated and we need new thinkers and new people that can explore different paths.

Produce and produce and produce. Find your practice and make as much as you can. Through making is where you’ll find pathways into a job interview, or a job!