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Holly Lyne

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, HND

Cheltenham Campus

I was always interested in technology and loved the problem solving element of it. At school my teacher recommended I take part in the Cyber First Girls’ competition with GCHQ, and it made me certain that Cyber Security was exactly what I wanted to do. That’s how I chose my course.

Holly Lyne

It’s hard to choose what I’ve loved the most on my course so far. I’m really excited for the forensics unit, too, as it’s a practical unit where we’d be carrying out a crime scene situation with the scene suits!

Alongside this, I was recruited to work with Code Ninjas while at college. We help children make games and learn programming skills with JavaScript. It’s nice to see younger people have enthusiasm about it, and especially nice to see the girls who are getting involved. I really hope I can give them confidence.

I think it’s very important for women to be in STEM, especially because cyber and IT are such upcoming industries. There are so many different roles that there’s something than will fit everyone. Nobody should feel like they can’t be involved because it’s a male dominated industry. Women can add new ideas and bring real value to companies, and I think companies that see their potential are the ones that’ll do the best in the future.