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Harry Howels

Carpentry, Level 2 Apprenticeship

Gloucester Campus

Before Carpentry I did a property maintenance apprenticeship. It covered a bit of everything, and it helped me decide what I wanted to do after that. I feel like I had the best knowledge of carpentry and it was what I enjoyed doing the most.

Harry Howels

I like going to work so an apprenticeship is great for me, but I enjoy the knowledge you get from college because you learn things you wouldn’t necessarily learn on site. You learn a lot more tips and tricks at college and learn about different types of timber. I like hanging doors, it’s a fun challenge and I can focus my mind on it!

It’s fun meeting new people, you learn so much and everyone is so nice. You can be whoever you want, and they treat you as if you’re an adult, which I like. I’d like to stay with my company for another year to get experience working with people, but I’d like to be self-employed and own my own business eventually.