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Emily Williams

Art & Design, Level 3

Forest of Dean Campus

I’ve loved painting since I was little and this course is really enjoyable. College and the people are way more easy-going than at school.

Emily Williams

I like having the freedom of choosing what to do with a brief - I love doing the artwork anyway and I’m doing it all the time! It’s a nice environment to be in. It’s not stressful, and you get a lot of help.  

I’ve gotten more confident because it’s so comfortable here and easy to speak to anyone. The trips have been really good too, as well as the opportunities you get with work experience weeks. We designed a logo for a nature reserve and had a week about marketing strategies; it was really inspiring. 

I have a small business where I paint pet portraits. I’ve been doing that for around a year and I advertise on social media. Running a business has helped me become more independent. My tutors helped give me tips for starting the business and starting an Instagram really helped. I’m hoping to carry on making pet portraits in the future!