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Cornelia Smith

Hairdressing, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I chose my course because I really enjoy hairdressing – I like styling people’s hair and making them feel happy after I’ve finished with their look. I like curling hair and doing hair-ups. It's a really good course and I’ve learnt a lot of stuff from it!

Cornelia Smith

I like learning new things, learning different colours and how to do different cuts. I find the processes really interesting. Level 3 is much harder, and you learn to do men’s haircuts as well as women's. You learn all the theory behind it, how to remove colour and those kinds of things.

You get more freedom at college and longer breaks than at school. The teachers are less strict, they talk to you like they’re your friend and I feel like I’m treated more like an adult.

After college, I’m hoping to work full-time in a salon. I work at a salon currently and would like to stay there. Getting that experience of a salon, and seeing how stylists do different things in different ways is really good to see.