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Connor Colman

Motor Vehicle, Level 3

Gloucester Campus

School wasn’t really for me but I did work experience at an auto repairs garage, as I’d always been into cars and I wanted to try something new. I love it!

Connor Colman

My apprenticeship is with a great team and I enjoy working on cars. We get quite a lot of insight. I like the variety and we get to do different stuff all the time so here’s nothing the same. It’s nice to have the mix and not be stuck at the desk! It’s mostly hands-on. I like doing engine rebuilds, that is probably my favourite kind of thing – you've got to be quite involved with them. 

It’s a nice environment at college and I have a great teacher. We get to see more in-depth things at college but I learn the majority of stuff practically at work. It’s good because I learn best by doing things. It’s a lot less pressure and easier to get on with work.  
I’ll carry on working at ACG full time after college as there's a lot of opportunity to do different courses and upskill.