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Cian Macneaney

Adult Nursing, T Level

Gloucester Campus

I’ve always wanted to be a paramedic, to be the first on the scene and the first face someone sees when they’re in need of help.

Cian Macneaney

My course is giving me great work experience in a hospital, as well as a head start with a Care Certificate that allows me to work bank shifts in a hospital and gain further medical experience.

I’m going to be able to leave college with almost two years hospital experience, with a great understanding of how wards are run and rely on teamwork and communication to function.

My course is very fulfilling and the mutual respect, support and lecturers are my favourite part of life at college. Healthcare may be a female dominated area but it doesn't change how important each individual is with the sector.

I wish more males weren’t made to feel less of a man due to their place of work. In reality, healthcare is one of the bravest, hardest, most emotional, uncontrollable environments you could work in. You will come across a lot of difficult things in a healthcare profession, and it doesn’t matter if you’re female or male, you can still make a difference.