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Charlie Hill

Motor Vehicle, Level 2

Gloucester Campus

I used to work on cars with my dad and knew I wanted to study Motor Vehicle after school. It’s something I’m really interested in, and I wanted to know more about it and go into more detail. I like learning everything about cars! 

Charlie Hill

Working on cars is great, getting that experience and working with other people on the course. We’ll do work on multiple cars to get practice on different ones. 

Yeah – it's a bit more free and not as strict. I think it’s a bit easier to learn when you’re doing things and I find it easier than reading off a board – I'm a practical person. 
I’m hoping to go into an apprenticeship next year and have a trial period coming up. 
If you’re into cars it’s a really good way in as you learn so many of the basics. The course is run really well and you always know what you’re going to be doing. I like the fact that everyone gets on and it’s really upbeat. There’s an element of freedom and a good atmosphere.  

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s something that’s very helpful.