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Bobby Barnard

Travel & Tourism, Level 3

Cheltenham Campus

I was at sixth form, but I wanted to be cabin crew. When I applied I was recommended the Level 3 Travel and Tourism course instead. It has given me a better insight into the whole industry and the wide range of subjects within it. We go into more depth and get a better understanding.

Bobby Barnard

At college, there’s a lot more respect from tutors and you work under your own conditions. Your tutors don’t dumb things down, and we do a lot of things as a group.

It’s all been fun, and you do the work in different methods – we've made events and created videos and blogs for assessments, so we learnt how to make and produce a story. We did a whole unit on applying for jobs. It’s helped me prepare for interviews and understand what employers want because now I can showcase these skills.

I’ve got an apprenticeship with TUI as a retail assistant. I’m hoping to work up towards management level or move on to a specialist travel agent and work up from there.