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Benji Bradshaw

Adult Nursing, T Level

Gloucester Campus

Most of my family are nurses and doctors so I grew up with a background of care, and it’s something I want to share with others.

Benji Bradshaw

I really enjoy my course, especially learning about the brain and the body. I’m interested in becoming a Neurology Nurse, someone who takes care of neurological conditions like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and paralysation. However, I’m also interested in mental health nursing as mental health is really important to me.

My lecturers are fantastic, they teach and care for you and I’ve learned a lot from them. We’re treated like adults, and because they’re nurses they truly understand how to help you achieve and bring their experiences into the classroom. Everyone on the course is part of a really close group which makes working together much easier and enjoyable.

As part of the T Level course I’ll be put on a placement, which gives us real world skills and experience to take into the workplace later on. I think a lot of men are competitive and might not see nursing as a particularly male job. There are lots of opportunities for men to find their way in the nursing industry, and there are so many different jobs and opportunities that you can’t just classify it as a woman’s job. I think if they knew more about it then more men would change their minds about nursing.