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Alice North

Beauty Therapy, Level 2

Cheltenham Campus

I just got a new job at a beauty salon and the qualification that I’m going to get at college has helped me get it.

Alice North

What I like the most about beauty is making people feel good about themselves – that's the whole point of it! It’s much more relaxed at college and I like the teachers here – it’s a nice environment. My lecturers work in beauty and just get us, which is really important.  

They'll always make sure everything is right, which helps confidence. My confidence has built loads since coming to college. We get clients who we’ve never met before and now speaking to them and working with them all just comes naturally.  
After this course, I’m going to study Level 3 Beauty too. I’ll be working at a salon in Montpellier so hopefully will be able to stay there full-time.