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Enrolment: Your Guide to Join GC

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Application Decisions

The important bit - the application decisions you and we make to get you on the right path

We will do our best to make sure all decisions are communicated to you by email and text message promptly, clearly and understandably.

Offer Decisions

We will make sure you know how to find the entry requirements for your course, however, it is your responsibility to be confident and fully understand what you need to achieve/have achieved to fulfil the entry criteria of your offer. We will need satisfactory evidence of certificates, qualifications or results slips before your enrolment.

All GC offers are subject to course capacity. A number of our courses are very popular and there may be limited places. In these instances, priority for enrolment will be assessed on the date of application and meeting entry criteria. If a course reaches its capacity, you will be offered an alternative, available course.

Please note that in some circumstances, when the same course is run on a number of campuses, we may also assess the campus you are offered in relation to your postcode. Please be reassured that this relates to only a small number of courses.

The three types of offer decisions we make are as follows:

Conditional Offer

The majority of our offers to applicants are conditional. This type of offer means that we are considering your application and are making preparations for you to study with us, however, we need to make sure you meet the entry requirements for your chosen course before enrolling you.

Typically applicants who are made this type of offer will be currently studying and are likely to sit exams in the summer. Following these exams, results are given to applicants during the summer before our enrolment period.

Bespoke Conditional Offer

Similar to a conditional offer, a bespoke conditional offer is recognition by us that, following applicant/parent/guardian/key worker disclosure, exceptional or mitigating circumstances are present.

We will approve and communicate an individual offer that is reflective of an applicant's circumstances.

We are dedicated to demonstrating our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in all of our admission and recruitment activities. Our equality and diversity policy work ensures that we provide equal opportunities to disadvantaged and underrepresented applicant groups.

Unconditional Offer

This type of offer is made to applicants who, based on their application, have already met the entry requirements for the course before their future enrolment.

An unconditional offer may be reassuring and take a bit of the pressure off, but your application may still be subject to course availability and providing satisfactory evidence of certificates, qualifications or results slips before your enrolment.


Applicant Decisions

After sending us your application, you can make a number of decisions about your application and any offers you hold for the courses you have applied for.

If you make any of the decisions below during your application journey, we will send confirmation by email and text message so you are kept informed at all times.

First-choice course changes

Those applying for full-time courses, who are typically school leavers between the age of 16-18, will have a first-choice course. You can change your first-choice course through your application portal or by getting in touch with our Admissions Team at any time but remember that, although there is flexibility, we will require a firm decision by a date that is based on when you apply.

We understand that leaving school can be daunting and there are many different options available to you. It may even take some time to make a final decision about the course you want to study at GC, as well as your future career goals, and this is where first-choice course comes in.

A first-choice course allows you to select the course you are most interested in and motivated to study, as well as be confident you will meet the course entry requirements and comfortable with the required level of study. It also gives you some flexibility, as you can change your first-choice course to different courses included in your application to GC. 

Please check our Key Application Dates for more information about first-choice course acceptance deadlines.

Accepting an application offer

You can request to accept any offer you have received via your application portal, or by getting in touch with our Admissions Team. For those applying for full-time courses, who are typically school leavers between the age of 16-18, your accepted course offer must match your first-choice course.

Before you accept any offer, we encourage you to be confident in meeting and understanding the course entry requirements - including whether you are prepared and ready to study at the course level you have applied for. Accepting your first-choice course offer shows us that you know what you want to study with us and are committed to studying to the best of your ability. It also allows us to plan our enrolment events so that you have the best opportunity to enrol on the course that you want to study.

Please note that acceptance of your first-choice course offer is accepting that you understand the conditions of your offer for a specific course. It is not a guarantee that you will be able to join your chosen course. If we do not receive a first-choice course offer acceptance from you, we will accept the current first-choice course on your application record on your behalf.

Once we have received the acceptance of your first-choice course, our Admissions Team will decline any other applications you have on your application record so you are ready to move to enrolment with your first-choice course. Don’t worry, we may still consider declined courses as options at enrolment should we need to, however, we are unable to guarantee availability on other courses.

Declining an application offer

You can also request to decline any offer you have received through your application portal, or by getting in touch with our Admissions Team. 

No matter what the reason is, or at what point in your journey you make the decision, letting us know allows us to make sure every applicant has a fair opportunity to study at GC. Whether there has been a change of plan and you no longer want to study at GC, or you just want to let us know that one of your course offers isn't for your first choice, please let us know.

Reinstating an application

You can also request to reinstate any offer you have received that you have previously declined/has been withdrawn through your application portal or by getting in touch with our Admissions Team.

Depending on the circumstances and date of your request to reinstate an application, and at the discretion of our Admissions Team, reinstating an application may mean your application date is brought forward which could affect being able to join your first-choice course.


Withdrawal Decisions

We will do everything we can to avoid an application withdrawal decision, including additional advice and guidance, and suitable alternative courses, but in specific circumstances, a withdrawal decision may be the most appropriate course of action.

When a withdrawal decision is made, we will also attempt to contact applicants to explain the decision in more detail and have a conversation, where possible, to support with their next steps.

Withdrawal decisions will be based on one or more of the following criteria. Although the exact reason may be different, each decision will fall under one of the categories below:

  • Age Criteria
  • Home Student Status Criteria
  • Student Conduct Criteria
  • Practical and Technical Knowledge Criteria 

Right to Appeal

All prospective students have the right to appeal against an application withdrawal decision if they can provide evidence that there are mitigating circumstances not previously raised.

A student must send a notice of appeal by email or letter to the Admissions Team, including the reasons for the appeal, along with any further evidence which should be considered. The Admissions Manager will acknowledge the appeal, explain the appeal process in greater detail and commence an internal investigation into the College's decision with the appropriate College authorities. Your appeal may be escalated to the College's Senior Leadership Team and TalkBack procedure for an outcome.


If you would like further information about the assessment, specific to your application and personal circumstances, please contact the Admissions Team.

Admissions Team

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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