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Meet Naimul, Bricklayer Apprentice at Bloor Homes

We're gearing up for the September 2022 starts of our construction and building services apprenticeship programmes at GC. This month, we're catching up with some of our construction and building services apprentices, to see what inspired them to learn a trade and what they enjoy best about being an apprentice.

Naimul, L2 Bricklayer apprentice with Bloor Homes muses about his journey so far and future plans.

"I did a multi-skills course first and enjoyed the bricklaying aspect of it; so I decided that bricklaying apprenticeship would be a good next step.

"I started looking for different vacancies with local employers. My dad was also helping me. Then I saw the opportunity with Bloor Homes, applied and they took me on as an apprentice.

"At Bloor Homes, I build houses and garages. I learn a lot on site, asking questions and watching others, then doing things myself.

"The best part about my job is the fact that I build houses that people go on to live their lives in. It’s very satisfying.

"Combining work and studies have worked really well for me. At Bloor Homes we are busy, but we build more straightforward things, while at the College we get to learn and practise more complicated projects, like building arches and other structures. I’ve been very well supported by both my trainer at GC, who has over 20 years of industry experience, and the Apprentice Master at Bloor Homes, who is a bricklayer himself.

"I’d like to stay in the industry upon completing my apprenticeship and do site management or sub-contracting.   

"I am the first person in my family to be doing a bricklayer apprenticeship and I’d definitely recommend it. You get a life experience with your employer and you are earning while learning."


If you are interested in GC’s bricklayer apprenticeship, you can access the apprenticeship fact sheet here

In addition to Bricklayer Apprenticeship, we offer the following construction and building services apprenticeships:

Building Services Engineering Installer Apprenticeship Level 2

Building Services Engineering Craftsperson Apprenticeship Level 3

Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship Level 2

Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship Level 3

Electrical Installation/Maintenance Apprenticeship Level 3

Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Level 3

Ground Worker Apprenticeship Level 2

Property Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship Level 2

Surveying Technician Apprenticeship Level 3

If your business is interested in training a construction or building services apprentice, find out more here, or contact the Employer Training & Apprenticeships team on 01452 563400 or email


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