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Apprenticeship case study: Tom Lindsey, AAT Apprentice with Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust


With September just around the corner, our popular AAT apprenticeships will soon be commencing.

We caught up with Tom Lindsey, Management Accounts Assistant at Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust, who is a Level 4 AAT apprentice with Gloucestershire College.

Having already completed both Level 2 and 3, Tom is looking forward to completing his next qualification and continuing to progress in his career. Hoping to inspire others and to give an insight into what being an AAT apprentice is like, Tom shares his experience with us.

Tell us a bit about your job role as an apprentice

My role is based within the management accounts department. My responsibilities include managing and manipulating financial data, producing reports, posting journals/adjustments and generally supporting the team to resolve any queries.

Communication is a key part of my role as I often need to liaise with colleagues from all departments, budget holders and external parties such as customers or suppliers.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team in finance. They have all supported me tremendously throughout my apprenticeships. My line managers have constantly encouraged me and reinforced my confidence throughout the three years I have been there.

Just before I finished my Level 3 AAT qualification, I was fortunate enough to secure a permanent position within the Management Accounts Team. Through this, I have continued on as a Level 4 AAT apprentice.

What prompted you to apply for an apprenticeship?

I hit a point of stagnation and was looking for a new opportunity to start a proper career. I found the AAT apprenticeship and thought that accountancy could be interesting as I’ve always been good with numbers/Excel.

When I was at school, apprenticeships were always viewed as an option behind university, but they are so beneficial. Apprenticeships give you equal years in work experience to your study period, so you are far more likely to be eligible for employment due to being fully qualified and having years of workplace experience.

How have you found working alongside studying?

It provides a really interesting contrast between textbook learning and how it plays out in the real workplace. With AAT, the content is focused on industries rather different to the NHS, so I have learnt a lot by having to bridge the gaps between the theory examples and what I actually do within my job role.

One of the main challenges to begin with was getting into a rhythm for studying in my spare time. Although I have college days once per week, it took a while for me to build up an appreciation for studying and to learn that it can be enjoyable when you consider that you are developing yourself as well as your career.

What new skills have you gained through your apprenticeship?

I have come from a background completely unrelated to Finance or the NHS, to being a part-qualified accountant with lofty ambitions to progress as far as I can both within the healthcare industry and my personal development.

I have become far more confident in every aspect of my life. My job satisfaction is very high due to the engaging nature of my work and I feel as though this opportunity has developed my personality as a whole. My technical ability is tested frequently in this role and that makes me happy as I love challenging myself. I believe that a healthy level of challenge is crucial to long term happiness, so I’m glad I was able to kickstart that by finding this apprenticeship.

Tell us about your experience with Gloucestershire College as your training provider?

I’m now in my third year as an apprentice with Gloucestershire College. For the first two, I was based at the Cheltenham campus but now I have moved over to Gloucester. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at College every year and have found the tuition to be perfect for me. All of the accounting tutors I’ve had have been extremely helpful and supportive. Both campuses feel great to be at and I would recommend Gloucestershire College to anyone interested in the courses they have available.

All apprentices at Gloucestershire College receive full support from trainers and lecturers

Anita Preest, Training Coordinator at Gloucestershire College, was keen to share her experience of working with Tom and the benefits of AAT apprenticeships.

“By the end of the Level 2 qualification, backed by the excellent support given by his employer, he was already completing the full range of jobs for an assistant in management accounts. At completion of his Level 3 apprenticeship, Tom was working on a range of complex and challenging tasks and was training colleagues on a new ledger system. 

“It has been great to see Tom's confidence and independence at work grow through his apprenticeship and this continues to be the case as he completes his Level 4. He is a model student, taking responsibility for his learning, always eager to learn more and be the best that he can be. He recognised the excellent opportunity his apprenticeship presented him with and embraced this from the beginning with great maturity in his attitude to his studies and work.

“He has put in a lot of hard work and dedication and this has certainly paid off for him, earning him distinctions across the board. The apprenticeship programme has provided Tom with a superb start and an invaluable stepping stone onto the next stage of his exciting accounting career and it has been a joy to have shared in his journey.” - Anita Preest, Training Coordinator at Gloucestershire College

Apply to become an AAT apprentice 

If you have been inspired by Tom’s experience, you can apply to become an AAT apprentice in January or September. Click on the links below to apply online through our website or get in touch with our friendly apprenticeship team by emailing:

If you’re an employer looking to recruit an AAT apprentice for your business or upskill an existing member of staff through an apprenticeship, download the fact sheets below for more information, or contact our Business Hub team today via: or 01452 563400.


Level 2

Apply online here: AAT Accounts Finance Assistant Apprenticeship Standard –  Level 2

More information for employers: Download fact sheet

Level 3

Apply online here: AAT Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Standard – Level 3

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Level 4

Apply online here: AAT Professional Accounting/Taxation Technician Apprenticeship – Level 4

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