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Coronavirus Guidance: Employers

30 March 2020

Dear Employer,

Following the announcements by the Government, the College Campuses will be closed to all students, including apprentices for face to face delivery of courses from 5pm Friday 20 March 2020.

Apprenticeship programmes have not ended and onsite delivery and assessment will continue either remotely or face to face. We will continue to support apprentices to complete their qualifications and will keep you updated if there are any changes to assessment methods once confirmed by the Government.

I want to assure you that whilst the College buildings are closed for access to students from Monday, we are very much still open for learning, and will continue to provide full teaching support via online, email and telephone. 

The arrangements are:

  • Apprentices will study via online resources instead of coming into college from Monday 23 March and will be supported by lecturers, assessors and trainers
  • College staff will communicate expectations to students and their college lecturers are available by email to answer any questions the apprentice may have
  • Apprentices should continue to record their 20% Off the Job hours and 12 weekly reviews with Training Co-ordinators will continue as planned

The Government has not specified any time frames for the campus closures, but we will contact you immediately the situation changes.

The Government has not detailed how different qualifications might now be assessed. For some there may be no change. Until this has been announced apprentices should follow the advice below:

Assessments: Apprentices should continue to prepare and submit assessments in the normal way and continue to use our electronic portfolio, Ecordia or via the VLE as specified.

Exams: We will continue to be guided by the Department of Education, Institute for Apprenticeships and the Exam Boards.  We will share this information as it is confirmed but currently no exams can be taken on campus

It is important that apprentices keep up to date with their studies and assignments, so they must complete any activities set by college staff and engage in any ‘Teams’,  classes or VLEs being set by course lecturers, including English and maths. We have asked them to stay in contact with lecturers, their training co-ordinator, assessor or trainer by email or telephone. The Government have been clear that whilst schools and colleges are closed learning must continue.

We do appreciate many employers are in the midst of setting up working from home policies for staff, and in this case apprentices must abide by their employer's instructions. We will continue to support them whether they are in their home or work environment. 

Thank you for your understanding of this situation and please visit the college website for updates or contact us if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully

Julie Tegg

Director of Apprenticeships and Employer Training

Gloucestershire College


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FAQ for Employers

Our workplace is closed due to COVID 19. Can our apprentice continue with their training?

The apprentice should continue to study towards their apprenticeship as per the learning and employer plan that has been agreed with them and you as their employer. The lecturer, assessor and training coordinator as Gloucestershire College will make arrangements to contact the apprentice to continue to support them remotely. Reviews and training will be conducted and delivered through Skype calls, visits, telephone or online through Microsoft Teams.

Should I ask our apprentice to stop coming into the workplace until COVD-19 has passed?

The apprentice is an employee in your business and as a result will be subject to the policies and procedures that you adopt in response to the outbreak. It is important that you ensure the apprentice is clear on their work expectation during any changes to the operation of your business.

If the College is closed for any period of time, will our apprentice’s learning sessions continue?

Although the college buildings are partially closed, we are continuing with all education online and all members of staff are here to help. Apprentices will continue to be supported by their lecturers and assessors online and/or visits to the workplace. Learning and assessment will be delivered through Ecordia, on site assessments and the VLE. Guidance will be provided to apprentices and learning and assessment will continue as planned albeit in the main remotely.

If my apprentice attends on day release and the College is closed for any period of time how will their learning sessions continue?

Apprentices will continue to be supported by their lecturers and assessors and work will need to continue as they will be set work to complete and will need time to do this. Guidance will be provided to apprentices and learning and assessment will continue as planned albeit in the main remotely.

What if my apprentice’s lecturer or assessor has COVID-19 and is too ill to provide support online?

Where a lecturer or assessor is unwell the apprentice should continue with the work that has been set. Apprentices will be working to a plan online. The work of the lecturer or assessor will be monitored by a manager. If they are ill the manager will endeavor to ensure that support is re-allocated from another member of the team.

Who will be monitoring that teaching, learning and support is happening and to the required standard if the College is closed?

Managers will have access to Ecordia and the VLE/Microsoft Team sites and will be monitoring that teaching, learning and assessment that is taking place. You or your apprentice will be able to contact them through the normal channels if you or they have any concerns.

How will delivery continue if my apprentice is taught in the workplace?

Where practical this will continue, however this will be supported by work set on the VLE and Ecordia. If you have any concerns, we would encourage you to contact their assessor or the apprenticeship team.

What should we do if one of our apprentices is diagnosed with COVID -19 or asked to self-isolate?

You should follow government guidelines and/or the policy adopted by your business. You should inform the College through your Training-Co-coordinator or Assessor so we are aware of their absence.

What if our apprentices cannot attend work for an extended period?

It is likely that anyone infected with COVID-19 will recover within two weeks. An official break in learning would only apply if the apprentice was absent for a period of four weeks or more. In these circumstances the College would discuss the options with you and apply any appropriate interventions which might include putting the apprentice on a break in learning.

How will COVID-19 and any College closure affect my apprentices End Point Assessment (EPA)?

We are currently waiting on guidance from EPA organisations on their approach. It is likely that we will experience some delays in being able to book assessments. Where it is possible to complete some of the assessed elements remotely then this will take place as normal. Where the EPA requires a ‘face to face’ element then we will wait to see what the requirement will be under these circumstances. We will keep you and your apprentice notified.


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Staff contact details


Julie Tegg - Director of Apprenticeships and Employer Training - - 07793 365504

Rachel Hall - Partnerships and Operations Manager - - 07760 991527

Myra Billinghurst - Sales Manager - - 07795 222396

Pauline Connolly - Head of GC Business School - - 07920 060675


Apprenticeships Managers

Glen Taylor - Apprenticeship Manager - Construction and Building Services - - 07900 930170

Richard Poole - Apprenticeship Manager - Health, Dental, Business Support - - 07557 633398

Miv Harris - Apprenticeship Manager – Electrical, Engineering and Motor -


Business Consultants

Shelley White - Business Consultant - - 07526 102570

Sophie Burch - Business Consultant - - 07717 816299

Mark Learwood - Business Consultant - - 07855 135054

Sarah Jennings - Business Consultant - - 07813 350289

Brian Fowler - Business Consultant - - 07717 816286

Madison Kaiser - Business Sales Support Executive - - 07392 190111   


Assessor Trainers

Danni Willett - Childcare and STLS - - 07887 722774

Amanda Kavanagh - Childcare and STLS - - 07790 350271

Cheryl Talbot - Childcare and STLS - - 07786 262844

Sharon Gregory - Childcare - - 07717 816293

Jill Churchfield - Hairdressing - - 07887 638502

Dawn Morgan - Business Admin / Customer Service / Sales - - 07747 461885

Dianne Baker - Business Admin / Customer Service - - 07554 115646

Sarah Davenport - Business Admin / Customer Service - - 07760 991526

Wendy Phillips - Dental Nursing - - 07920 060695

Helene Cure - Catering and Hospitality - - 07887 638153

Susan Walsh - HR - - 07760 553533

Linda Campbell - Leadership and Management - - 07899 817870


Training Coordinators

Anita Preest - Accounting - - 07920 740922

Adam Beach - Engineering -

Joe Marcer - Engineering - - 07920 740931

Mike Parkin - Engineering - - 07795 667675

Rebecca Fox - Electrical - - 07920 740918

Lesley Hipkiss - Electrical - - 07557 633406

Kim Rackley - Property Maintenance - - 07920 740921

Jan Knight - Plumbing and Heating - - 07920 740886

Trudy Seale - Plumbing and Heating - - 07920 740927

Karen Aslett - Motor Vehicle - - 07920 740925

Carol Brown - Civil Engineering / Heating and Ventilation - - 07717 816291

Jonathan Jennings - Accounting / Dental Nursing - - 07920 740916

Charley Robinson - Carpentry - - 07867 528963

Liz Scott - IT - - 07793 365507

Lorraine Hunt - Brickwork - - 07813350298

Candace Thompson - Carpentry / Painting and Decorating / Plastering / Interior Systems - - 07872 882233



Jim Willett - Motor Vehicle - - 07919 300710

Tom Rossiter - Electrical - - 07825 352606

Dave Jones - Electrical - - 07500 570127

Gary Ridgway - Engineering - - 07554 437166

Steven Knight - Engineering - - 07778 046533

Nick Card - Carpentry / Bench Joinery / Construction Maintenance - - 07557 633396

Kevin Jarvis - Carpentry and Bench Joinery - - 07917 080435

Peter Homoki - Plumbing and Heating - - 07595 98466

Paul Webb - Plumbing and Heating - - 07747 456777

Colin Byrant - Brickwork / Groundwork - - 07879 435291

Luke Merriman - Brickwork / Maintenance - - 07747 456781

Len Shand - IT - - 07714 437164

Bob Higgie - IT -

Andrew Cracknell - IT -

Nick Workman - Marketing - - 07795 800212


Functional Skills

Geraldine Mccoll - Maths Functional Skills Tutor -

Sally Cowley - English Functional Skills Tutor -

Ricky Manders - IT Functional Skills Tutor -


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