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#GCTopTips 12: 5 ways to get back in to the college frame of mind this September

15 August 2018

There's still a couple of weeks left of summer break, but with results days just around the corner, it's hard to distract yourself from the start of college creeping up on you. Whether you're continuing on in your current school, or going to a new school or college, we've got some tips that can help you get back into the right frame of mind to make the start of school or college as easy as possible.

Top Tip #1: Set yourself goals

The start of term is a great time to set yourself some attainable goals for the year - whether it's something big like making the school's sports team; or a few smaller goals like improving your grade in a particular class. Take a look at what you achieved in your last year and set yourself goals based on what you think could be improved to help you achieve your ambitions. This is great to do if you're going to a new school or college - why not sit down with your parents and decide what your long-term goals are first, then work on some smaller goals for the next 12 months at college?

Top Tip #2: Familiarise yourself with your school or college

This is easy if you're staying on at the same school or college, as you'll already know your way around, but it can still be helpful to make sure you know where your classrooms are. If you're starting at a new school or college this can be more daunting, but if you make sure you know as much as possible about where you're going, it can make it easier on your first day and beyond.

If you're joining us at GC this September, you can take a virtual tour around our Gloucester and Cheltenham campuses here, or if you'll be going to our new Forest of Dean Campus, be sure to check out the flythrough.

Top Tip #3: Make sure you have the right supplies

Do you have all the essential supplied to start your course? Most courses require the basics like a notebook, pens and pencils, but some require you to have additional supplies like a calculator, specific books or a uniform. Making sure you have everything you need a couple of weeks before the start of term will not only give you peace of mind, but also allow you time to get anything you're missing without rushing. If you're unsure of what you need for your course, you can always contact your school or college to find out.

Top Tip #4: Don't procrastinate

Did you know it takes approximately 21 days of doing a task to make it a habit? With schools and colleges starting classes in September, there's just enough time to get yourself into a good routine to make sure you're motivated and ready for the start of term. Try setting your alarm for the same time as you would need to get up for college to reset your body clock; read a good book to get back into the frame of mind for reading and studying; or research some interesting facts around the subject(s) you'll be studying.

Top Tip #5: Get involved with the community

If you're starting a new school or college, it can be daunting, and knowing some people before you get there can make it much easier. Why not get in touch with some of the people in your classes from your previous school and see if any of them are progressing to the same college as you? Or, why not search on social media for some people who will be on your course. A number of colleges have Facebook groups where you can meet new people and discuss your interests and what you'll be studying.

Are you getting your GCSE results this summer? If you're still unsure what you want to do, or even if your results are better than expected and you want to explore different options, pop in to our Cheltenham or Gloucester campuses on Friday 24 August from 10am - 4pm for our Post-GCSE Advice Day where you'll be able to speak to our lecturers and support staff. There's no need to register!

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