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#GCTopTips 3: 5 tips on making the most out of attending an Open Evening

3 November 2017

Open Evenings provide the perfect opportunity for prospective students and parents to see the environment that they may be learning in and to ask any questions direct to lectures and heads of schools. If you're attending our November Open Evenings next week, or are planning on coming to one later in the year, these top tips will ensure that you get the most out of your evening with us.

Tip #1: Ask lecturers and staff questions

If you've not been the College before, it can be overwhelming. To ensure that you are getting all the answers you need to help make a decision, you may want to ask some of these questions, including:

  • How many students are there in each class?
  • How much contact is there between parents and lecturers?
  • Are there many opportunities to learn outside the classroom?

There will also be support teams around to answer any non-course related questions. Why not pop by and see our Student Development team who can answer your questions on volunteering, extra-curricular activities and employability skills, or our Advice Team who can answer any questions you may have about financial or transport support.

Tip #2: Take a look at the prospectus beforehand

Flicking through our prospectus, which you can do online here, gives you a great feel for what our college is all about as well as an insight into what courses are delivered at each campus. Don't worry if you don't have chance to look through our prospectus before arriving, you will receive one in your goody bag when you check in with our Welcome Team. The Welcome Team will also ask you which areas you are interested in visiting, so knowing what's on offer or having a broad idea of some areas you would like to visit beforehand is really handy.

Tip #3: Visit talks to get as much information as possible

While our teams and lecturers are available to answer any of your questions, you can also get additional information about certain areas of the College from our talks throughout the night. Our Welcome Talks, which are on at 5:45pm, 6:15pm and 6:45pm at each campus will give you information about our student programmes, student support, financial support and give you the chance to see some success stories from former students.

If you're interested in apprenticeships or higher education, you can also catch talks for these areas at our Gloucester and Cheltenham campuses - just ask where they are and what time they are on when you arrive.

Tip #4: Explore more than academics

While Open Evenings are a fantastic way of getting to know more about the courses available, GC offers so many more ways for you to get involved and make the most out of your time at college. Our Student Development team can help you with volunteering opportunities and employability skills, and you can also get involved in our Sports Academy teams and GC Active. Discover more of the non-academic opportunities available in our first Top Tips blog here.

Tip #5: Don't panic if you don't know what you want to do

A lot of young people don't know what they want to do in the future. Make the most of an Open Evening and explore a variety of options - you don't have to visit just one subject area. Our lecturers can give you information on course content for the coming year, as well as insight into what careers certain courses could lead to in the future. Ask questions and visit different zones to find the perfect course to match your likes and skills.

There's still time to register for our November Open Evenings here.

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