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3 October 2017


In every company, effective leaders are fundamental for taking an idea and a team, and successfully executing both to achieve tangible results. Dynamic, effective leaders and managers are imperative for the success of any organisation. Across all industries and sectors, successful leadership is paramount for strategic growth, development and sustainable competitive advantage. Both good and bad examples of leadership styles have dominated the news agenda recently, igniting the age old question: what makes a good leader? 

What makes leaders stand out?

Modern business professionals understand that in order to be successful, they must be committed to long-term learning and professional development in order to continue building skills. There are many skills and attributes that make a leader ‘great’:

  • Communication

Good communication skills are necessary at all levels of business, even more so for leaders who need to be able to clearly and succinctly relay their vision to the team.

  • Confidence

As a leader, confidence is imperative for team morale and assurance.

  • Motivation

Leaders are responsible for not only motivating themselves, but inspiring others through example and guidance.

  • Creativity

During critical situations, thinking outside the box is significant for good decision making.

  • Strategy and vision

A team depends on its leader to provide direction; having a strategic vision and setting goals ensures synchronisation within the team.

‘Contagious Leadership’ is rife

New research from ILM, the UK’s leading specialist provider of leadership qualifications, has found that behaviour within the workplace is highly infectious, with 74% of professionals having actively imitated their colleagues’ attributes. Whilst imitating good behaviour is positive, research has found that employees emulate both positive and negative leadership traits, thus highlighting the importance of enabling employees at every level to develop good leadership skills to influence those around them.    

John Yeats, Group Director at ILM commented on the recent findings, stating: “Whilst it’s inspiring to see that professionals are motivated by those around them, it can also be dangerous, as people indiscriminately adopt the behaviours of others regardless of experience or expertise… When properly managed, emulation can be a highly valuable way for people to learn. However, organisations should not rely on contagion to upskill employees; with bad habits as likely to spread as good, it is vital that employees at every level of an organisation understand, develop and role model positive leadership skills.”

Nurture your business leaders

With the plethora of leadership and management apprenticeships available at Gloucestershire College, you can offer your management apprentices a recognised professional development pathway ultimately leading to Chartered Manager status. GC provides professional accredited training accreted by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  Equip your staff with the necessary skills to develop a leadership strategy, which aligns with your evolving business goals, and watch as effective leadership skills expand throughout your business as behaviours are emulated. Nurture your staff and allow game changers to thrive and deliver outstanding results in the workplace. Employees will benefit from discovering their strengths and learning to maximise them.

There are no restrictions on who can be trained; apprenticeships are available for new and existing staff members. Also, the apprenticeship levy means that training and upskilling your workforce with apprenticeships is more affordable. If you are a levy-paying company, you will pay for the cost of the apprenticeship (training and assessments) using your online DAS digital vouchers. If you are a non-levy paying company, the government will pay 90% of the cost of your apprentices’ training and assessments, leaving you to pay just the remaining 10%.     

For more information on any of the Leadership and Management courses available at Gloucestershire College, get in contact with the Business Hub on 01452 563403 or email

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