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"The devolution of Data"

22 September 2017

We are in the middle of a global data explosion, driven largely by the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the epic growth in mobile data traffic. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. ‘Big data’ is here. The volume of business data across all organisations worldwide doubles every 1.2 years. Businesses need to consider that by 2020, there is likely to be 44 zettabytes of data to handle. Do you even know what a zettabyte is?

How does all that data effect your business?


You’re part of a successful business. You’ve built solid relationships with great customers over years of hard work. Technology has become the integral tool to help build that success and undoubtedly over the years you have collated an ever increasing number of files which contain information about you, your business, your finances and your customers. Maybe you’re a business where data protection and compliance is of paramount concern? It’s a fair bet that all of your data is held securely on a server, in a network protected by firewalls and antivirus, or even in the cloud. Great… but does that mean that it’s safe?


Data protection is fundamental to us all


For most of us, protecting our data is a fundamental concern, and with upcoming changes to Government legislation and new GDPR regulations due to commence in May 2018, data and our storage and use of it is becoming increasingly important. Combined with the added pressure to comply with ever tighter legislation, your business must also protect itself from criminals who are becoming even more adept at accessing and manipulating your data, whether through ransomware and extortion or distribution through the dark web.


Technology is becoming more accessible, versatile and powerful than ever before. Tablets, smartphones and laptops can connect you and your staff anytime and from anywhere. So, let’s consider your data again. All of the information that you collate; the files and records, about you, your business, your finances and your customer information, this data is often accessed at home, or in a coffee shop as well as when we’re on the go. Whilst these devices are handy for work purposes, we also use them for personal use such as going on social media, playing games and browsing the web, accessed on internet connections which are not protected by your business-based firewalls. 


Consider these three things:


  1. A user can now access and save your data away from your network
  2. They can access the information on devices that are not secured or protected by your firewalls or antivirus
  3. They can now get infections on these devices and connect back to your network behind your firewalls and directly access your data


If any of the above applies to your business, then it should raise the alarm. Put simply your data is most definitely at risk. Data devolution has made it much harder to control and protect information than ever before, so you need a good understanding of the risks and strategies needed contain it.


New GDPR legislation makes individuals responsible for ensuring that data is protected. With a good understanding and a clear strategy, it is possible to reduce your risk and protect your data and avoid falling foul of hackers or the fines imposed if you’re breached.


To find out how to implement a safe data strategy, please join us at our free seminar on ransomware and the dark net. Learn why the risks are so real, how you are at risk and what you can do to prepare and prevent yourself or your business from becoming the victim.


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