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NAW 2017 - How do I make my apprenticeship application stand out?

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2017, we've been catching up with some of the employers who will looking to hire apprentices this year for their perspective on what makes a potential apprentice's application stand out from the rest.

Check out their answers below before completing your own apprenticeship application...


What makes an application from a potential apprentice stand out from the rest?


St James Place, Wealth Management - hiring professional services apprentices in 2017

"We are looking for a willingness to learn, someone who can build relationships and communicate effectively. Someone who shows personality and has the drive to succeed. 

"Bringing your CV to life so we can see this is a great starting point. However keep your application short and sweet….colours, pictures and fancy fonts on a CV detracts from what we need to know; what are your skills and why do you deserve this fantastic opportunity. Impress us."    


Cyber Security Associates Limited - hiring professional services apprentices in 2017

"Apprentices stand out in a good way when there is drive and determination evident on the application, whether that is through taking time to research, or tailoring the application to provide relevant examples of their experience and qualifications."



EG Carter & Co - hiring construction apprentices in 2017

"A hand written letter, tailored to our company as opposed to a standard which has clearly been sent to many others is a major stand-out. Hobbies and interests along with any practical examples relevant to their career aspiration are good also."




Dumbleton Hall Hotel - hiring catering and hospitality apprentices in 2017

"Have they done any work placements, or ever worked in a hotel or catering establishment?

"Do they cook at home – and what?

"Have they studied Food Tech at school? (passing the GCSE would be brilliant)

"Have they been working on after school activities? Because Hotels mean long hours of commitment which is more than just turning up for school for the day. Showing active involvement outside school hours is important."



Hazlewoods Accountants - hiring professional services apprentices in 2017

"Ambition, work ethic, flexibility, drive for career progression, and interest in accountancy."




Leoni - hiring engineering apprentices in 2017

"If they can demonstrate they are a good communicator, a team player, willing to learn and have a presentable appearance."



The Orchard Trust - hiring care apprentices in 2017

"Showing an enthusiasm for the role. Read about the placement, look at website and Facebook page so you can relate elements to your application and to any interviews."

"If you have to hand write an application ensure that your writing is neat and legible. At some point you may be asked to record information, it is really important especially where reports and recording of for example medication dosages are clear and readable. Most importantly, be yourself!"


ARRK Europe - hiring engineering apprentices in 2017

"We like to see good grades as the apprenticeship is demanding, as well as details in the application which demonstrate the candidate's interest in engineering and craftsmanship. This could be one their hobbies, e.g. model making, tinkering with the bikes, etc."  


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