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Accommodation Providers

Become a homestay host 

Homestay accommodation is a common international student accommodation option. Students choose this form of accommodation as it provides home comforts, a family atmosphere and an opportunity for them to practise their English and to learn about the British way of life. For a homestay host, the experience is broadening and is often the start of lifelong friendships.

GC is always looking for new and suitable homestay hosts in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Please contact for further information.


What is homestay?

Homestay is a living arrangement where families, single people, retired or single parent families offer students a safe, comfortable, warm and a welcoming private bedroom in their home for either a short or long period of time. This is typically from one week to a year.

Staying with a homestay host helps the student to converse in English and to learn about the English culture, as well as giving the homestay host an opportunity to meet students of different nationalities and to learn about their culture as well forming lifelong friendships.

Being a great homestay host requires a sensitive and patient family. It can be overwhelming for a student to be so far away from home. A thoughtful homestay family appreciates that each student is unique and that communication and a mutual understanding take time and effort.


What are my responsibilities as a homestay host?

  • To provide a safe home environment – free of obvious significant health and safety hazards (e.g. dangerous electrical fittings, gas appliances or fire risks).
  • To provide a clean, hygienic home environment and room, with a satisfactory level of decoration.
  • To provide a suitable bed (not futon or camp bed.)
  • To provide storage space: adequate drawers and hanging space for clothes, and storage for college books and folders.
  • To provide adequate lighting, including a study lamp.
  • To provide a private study space with a desk and suitable chair – either in the student’s bedroom or in a room for students’ use, separate from the host family’s own rooms.
  • To provide adequate, lockable bathroom facilities, including a shower (or shower over bath).
  • To provide adequate heating and cooling – temperature should be between 19 and 24oC
  • To provide a regular laundered (minimum weekly), clean bedding which is in good condition.
  • To provide regular laundering (minimum weekly) and ironing as necessary of students’ clothing.
  • To provide ample, healthy, hygienically prepared meals to students throughout their stay.
  • To provide access for students under 16 to enter and leave the home at all reasonable times and a key for students over 16 to access the home as they require. 
  • To collect your student on their arrival and to drop them off on their departure day unless they have made alternative arrangements.
  • To collect or pick up your student 18 years and under from the School Disco during Summer School.
  • To swap mobile numbers with your student in-case of an emergency.

Please see our 'Homestay Guide' for further information.


How many students can I provide homestay for?

You can provide homestay for up to 4 students at any given time. Some families like to host more than one student, as it gives the students a companion. It also gives your family the chance to learn more about another culture.  All students must have their own bed.

If the room is shared [2 students only per bedroom] it must be with another student of a similar age and of the same gender. Any student under 18 years must only share with another student under 18 years old. The room must not be shared with any member of the homestay family.

Students must not live in a home with another speaker of their first language (unless agreed in advance by the student, parents and college].


Will the students have a curfew?

Gloucestershire College curfew times are: 12/13 years old – 9pm, 14/15 years old 9.30pm and 16/17 years old 10pm, unless otherwise agreed by the college.


What does the vetting process entail, to be registered as a homestay host for Gloucestershire College?

You will appreciate that being responsible for young people with limited English language skills who are staying in a foreign country, there are obvious duty of care considerations that need to be met.

When you apply to become a homestay host we will undertake a series of checks to verify your suitability for the role; the checks reflect college policies or minimum standards we have to achieve in order to be able to claim British Council accreditation.

  • Enhanced DBS checks - for all people living/staying at the homestay address who are 18 years or over during the period of the booking.
  • National Insurance Number – to verify right of abode in UK.
  • Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate – checks on all gas appliances to ensure they meet statutory minimum standards.
  • Visit by college Accommodation Officer to inspect the property and check the student room and common areas.
  • Vehicle/driver – car tax (will verify MOT and current insurance) and driving licence.
  • Curriculum Vitae – work history and suitability to undertake hosting.
  • References – 2 references to support suitability for hosting.
  • In addition we expect all lead hosts to complete short on line training for Safeguarding and Prevent to support knowledge and understanding of these key elements of duty of care.


Will I get paid to provide homestay to students?
All of our host families receive a tax free monetary reimbursement for hosting a student for Gloucestershire College. This amount is to support your family in the weekly costs of hosting a student.


 Paid per student

Single or twin room

En suite room

Meal Plan




Bed, breakfast and dinner when student attends college

Breakfast lunch and dinner at all other times

Junior Summer School (June-July)




Bed, breakfast and dinner at all times during weekdays

Bed, breakfast, packed lunches and dinner on weekends

Adult Summer School (June-August)



Bed, breakfast, packed lunches and dinner at all times

Short course 



Bed, breakfast and dinner at all times*

Packed lunches on weekends

Packed lunches on weekdays may be required dependent on programme*




Bed only


How do I apply?

  • Step 1. Download and complete the Application Form.
  • Step 2. Email the form to
  • Step 3. The Accommodation Officer will send you an email confirmation and arrange a suitable time for a visit.


Are you interested in becoming a homestay host for Gloucestershire College?

Please fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please call the Accommodation Office on 01242 532168 and leave a message if required.