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Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship Standard

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    This apprenticeship Standard is suitable for those who have first achieved competence in a vocational or subject specialist, and then subsequently train as a teacher. The Learning and Skills Teacher role is pivotal to the success of traineeship and apprenticeship programmes, in delivering effective vocational education and training that meets both learners’ and employers’ needs. Learning and Skills Teachers teach young people and adults within all parts of the Education & Training Sector, including: work based/independent training provision, further, adult and higher education, offender learning and the voluntary sector.

    Delivery model and duration:
    Delivered in the workplace with 1 day per week in college. This can be
    supported by some remote delivery if required.
    Duration: 27 Months - Including 3 months of End Point Assessment

    Ideal for:
    • Teachers in post 14 learning and skills sector: colleges, training centres, community learning, charities, prisons, 6th forms
    • Tutors working with individuals or small groups including the SEND sector
    • Trainers in professional organisations and work based learning

    The apprenticeship will cover
    the following core areas:
    • Working to ethical and legal standards within professional boundaries
    • Valuing diversity and actively promoting equality of opportunity and inclusion
    • Resilience and adaptability when dealing with challenge and change
    • Promoting a passion for learning
    • Communication skills with learners and in professional relationships
    • Effective use of current, digital and mobile technologies in support of teaching and learning
    • Professional standards and evidence based teaching and learning

    Benefits for learners:
    • Receive training from experts with years of industry experience
    • Become occupationally competent
    • A strong development to further their career in the education sector

  • Employers

    The End Point Assessment will test the entire Standard, and be undertaken as follows:
    • Professional discussion – 60 minutes
    • Online presentation – Demonstrating their mastery of current technologies and including visual authentication of the apprentice`s delivery
    • Thematic case study – mapped to the relevant KSBs across the assessment themes
    • Two teaching observations – 120 minutes’ minimum. One of the observations will be in a formal setting e.g a lecture theatre, workshop or classroom. The second observation should be carried out in a different teaching environment e.g the natural work environment.

    Unit Overview
    Knowledge - know how to organise and combine syllabus outcomes into meaningful/realistic learning opportunities
    - know how to engage learners in maintaining ground rules for safe and effective learning know the effective use of
    initial and diagnostic assessment and their application at the start of or during a programme
    - know the requirements and implications of : organisational policies and procedures, OFSTED Common Inspection
    Framework, awarding organisations, funding agencies and legislation
    - ways to access personal and professional development and to maintain vocational currency
    - organisational, collaborative quality improvement strategies
    Skills & Behaviours - meet programme requirements and deliver learning outcomes in a realistic context
    - engage learners to establish standards of behaviour, mutual respect and safe working
    - regular formative assessment processes and update individual learning plans
    - continually updating their own knowledge and skills as a teaching professional and subject specialist
    - using aggregated assessment data to review and develop own and others practice and to report emerging gaps
    in progression and achievement amongst groups of learners
    - use digital and mobile technologies in ways that are safe and support effective learning

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