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Spanish Beginners

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    Are you interested in finding out more about Spanish language and culture? Do you enjoy holidaying in Spain, and want to get by in the language? Do you have family or friends who live there and speak the language? Do you have a holiday home there, or maybe you are thinking of buying one? Then this is the course for you.

    “Students make good progress in lessons and are keen to demonstrate their new-found knowledge and skills.” (Ofsted, 2016)

    This course is suitable for students who have never studied Spanish before or who studied the language years ago and want to go back to the basics. Over the course of the three terms students will:

    • Study the vocabulary of everyday topics which will enable them to get by when travelling to the country and to communicate on a simple level with local people
    • Be introduced to simple but authentic and real reading texts
    • Become familiar with the basic rules of grammar, enabling them to create simple sentences independently and to produce simple pieces of writing such as postcards & informal emails
    • Through the study of the language, become familiar with many aspects of life and culture.

    By the end of the course students will have studied a selection of the following topics:

    • Greetings, goodbyes and other social expressions
    • Family and personal details
    • Numbers, dates, time, colours
    • Where I live / my home
    • Work and daily routine
    • Free time and hobbies / likes and dislikes
    • Out and about (in the café/restaurant, directions, shopping, booking a room in a hotel)

    Students will become familiar with grammatical structures such as:

    • Gender (masculine, feminine)
    • The present tense of regular and some irregular verbs.
    • Question and negative forms
    • Agreement of Adjectives

    You do not need to bring anything more than pen and paper and the willingness to try out the language to the first lesson. The teacher will let you know which text book is going to be used, so that you can purchase / order it before the next class (cost £12.00 - £15.00). Students need to keep a portfolio of their work, so ideally bring an A4 folder, paper and plastic wallets.

    N.B. Please bring your College receipt to the first class together with your College ID.

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Shortlist and Apply

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British and European Union students

You will pay £144 for your course

Your course could be free of charge as you may be eligible for financial support to help pay your tuition fees, travel, exams, materials or childcare.

When you enrol you’ll need to pay any course fees for the first year, which you can do by direct debit, cash, debit card or credit card.

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To register your interest, please call Student Services on 0345 1 55 2020


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