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Effective Listening Skills

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    This qualification is designed for candidates who wish to develop their listening skills for use in a variety of personal and professional contexts to:

     Improve communication

    • Improve work relationships
    • Enhance personal relationships
    • Promote better community relations.

     This qualification does not normally lead directly to an employed role. However, it could enhance an existing voluntary or paid role or increase the general employability of those seeking to enter the job market. The course is also an excellent introduction to the skills and understanding that will be needed for people wanting to train to be Counsellors.

    On completion of the course, learners will be able to: 

    • Create a safe space for an individual to talk
    • Help an individual to talk about their concerns
    • Understand the importance of being non-judgemental
    • Listen attentively
    • Understand the importance of self-awareness
    • Manage the listening activity sensitively
    • Use reflection to develop effective listening skills

     This qualification is for candidates who want to learn initial counselling skills to be able to help and support others in either a voluntary or employed capacity. It will not teach you to be a counsellor, but it may help you decide whether or not you want to train as one.

    This 15 hour course leads to a nationally regulated qualification on the Qualification and Credit Framework (RQF) awarded by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) - the only OFQUAL approved awarding body to specialise in the field of counselling and supervision.

     You can find out more about the course at

     Each week students will learn about specific listening skills and topics and then have an opportunity to practice skills in role plays with fellow students. After each role play students will receive constructive feedback from their tutor or peers to help them improve. In this way, students gradually learn how to manage a helping / listening session and to choose and use appropriate listening and responding skills.

     Students will need to compile a portfolio of written assignments (at least 1 per week) plus written feedback from peers and tutors regarding their use of skills in role plays.

    In addition to the 15 hours classroom time, learners should allow 15 hours additional study time over the life of the course.

     Students need to be aware that Counselling courses are not a substitute for personal counselling or other forms of support. In order to be able to safely help others we need to be emotionally healthy, have good self awareness and knowledge of our own limits.

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