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Drawing and Painting

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    Autumn Term

    For the first four weeks you will have the opportunity to use a variety of drawing techniques, covering measured drawing, perspective, tones, continuous line drawing to name a few. You will also use a variety of medium, such as, charcoal, graphite, a variety of soft pencil and ink pen.

    At the end of the four weeks intensive drawing you will then move on to develop skills in painting with watercolour paints, using, wet on wet, graduated wash, dry brush, just to name a few. Knowledge in equipment and type of watercolour paper to use will also be included as part of the skill base.

    Visits to the Wilson Gallery to view current exhibitions and include opportunities to sketch will be organised half way into the course. Most sessions will include short talks on art history, focusing on famous artists throughout art history, such as John Constable and Vincent Van Gough.

    You will need an A3 sketch book and a selection of pencils ranging from B-6B grade at the beginning of the course.

    The spring term course will enable you to develop skills in painting using acrylics, drawing skills, such as, ellipse, measured drawing, tonal drawing, composition using rule of thirds and perspective.

    You will have the opportunity to use mixed media for drawing using ink, charcoal and chalk. Still life, portraiture, landscapes, townscapes and seascapes will be some of the thematic options to draw and paint.

    You will also have the opportunity to develop techniques in painting using acrylic paints, and mixed media painting combining texture to your painting from adding sand and other textures to the paint but also including ways to create a textured surface to paint your image on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, hardboard and calico.

    During the course you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas in your artwork and share with others your creative journey. There will also be a weekly discussion on other famous artists work such as, Sonia Delaunay and David Hockney.

    During the course, a visit to Gloucester Cathedral will be organised to enable students to sketch with tutor support.

    You will need an A3 sketch book and a selection of pencils ranging from B-6B grade at the beginning of the course.

    Summer Term

    During the Summer term you will be looking at developing drawing skills using chalk pastels.

    Initially the course will begin with a history of chalk pastel used in art and mark making techniques in developing tonal range with a combination of pastel colours and ways that pastel mark making can be versatile to draw marks representing different textures and surfaces.

    The course will cover animal portraiture, landscapes, seascapes and water effects using pastel techniques.

    You will also learn about different types of pastels and surfaces to use when using them to draw.

    We will be looking at Edgar Degas work and studying his mark making techniques.

    There will be an opportunity to visit the Wilson Gallery towards the end of the course. Students can bring their sketchbooks to draw studies from the museum and visit current exhibitions.

    You will need an A3 sketch book and a selection of pencils ranging from B-6B grade at the beginning of the course.

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