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Catering and Hospitality - Full Time

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     Training to become a chef, these full time level 3 courses will take your skills to a professional level and allow you to specialise your training either in Kitchen and Larder or in Patisserie and Confectionery.

    In year one you will follow the Professional Cookery qualification which involves a variety of practical skills sessions and theory based topics. These will cover a wide range of preparation, cooking and finishing of meat, poultry, game, fish and shellfish dishes; preparing cold products, canapés and cocktail products; healthier dishes; food safety, resourcing and team working.

    On successful completion of year one you have the option to enhance your learning further by doing a top up year specialising in:

    Professional Chefs Patisserie & Confectionery (available at Cheltenham only)

    This qualification will help you develop advanced skills and techniques to produce patisserie products, for example fine desserts and pastries. The topics that will be undertaken develop advanced skills and techniques in producing:

    • dough and batter products
    • petits fours
    • pastry products
    • hot, cold and frozen desserts
    • cakes and sponges
    • display pieces and decorative items

     Students who are 18 or over on the 31 August prior to their enrolment academic year should check fee costs with student services. Learner Loans will be applicable for some learners.


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