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Music Production

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    Ideal if: you want to learn about the technical aspects of the music industry.

    You’ll learn: how to put on music events; elements of the modern producer’s toolkit; how to develop your own skills as a music creative; how to sell yourself and your music; why and how music works.

    Expect: a combination of practice and theory through which you’ll complete exciting practical briefs, experiment with a variety of techniques and be inspired to create your own style of music creation and production.

    You’ll love: our state-of-the-art music facilities and resources, live performance opportunities and events, live assignment briefs and the College’s close links with artists and industry professionals.

    This course pathway focuses on the rapid development of the music industry, concentrating on the technical aspects of music creation and production.

    "In vocational areas, students have particularly good access to well-equipped accommodation and resources, as well as technically skilled and experienced teachers.” (Ofsted, 2016)

    You may study:

    • music production skills development
    • project management
    • self-analysis and reflection
    • understanding of musical elements
    • the music industry and your future role in it
    • how to present yourself and your achievements effectively


    You’ll learn how to put on and run music events from a performance and/or technical perspective, how to create music of varying styles and develop your production skills along the way using industry standard software and hardware, how to develop your own skills as a music creative, how to sell yourself and your music and why and how music works. Expect a practical course combining practice and theory where you’ll complete exciting practical briefs, experiment with a variety of techniques and be inspired to create your own style of music creation and production.

    Gloucestershire College has excellent facilities and specialised staff with industry experience. You will enjoy live assignment briefs and the chance to take part in real musical events and commissions. The College has close links with artists and industry as well as fantastic kit/resources combining both the sonic benefits of analogue mixing and processing technology with the accessibility and control of digital computer recording and editing. You will learn how to use a wide range of professional software and kit. You will also develop wider skills (research, presentation etc.) that will prepare you for work within the music industry, university and other forms of employment.

    By 2020 the broader performing arts and music sector is predicted to grow by more than 40%. For the industry to meet this potential the availability of a highly skilled technical workforce is fundamental. Gloucestershire College works with the skills academies to prepare learners to work within these industries. In the industry, starting salaries can be from £13,000 a year full-time equivalent. With experience, salaries can rise to between £20,000 and £40,000 Freelance earnings can be higher or lower, depending on reputation and how much work is available. There are 102,220 people working in the music industry, of which: 50,780 work in live performance 21,930 in production, retail and distribution of musical instrument/audio equipment 15,130 in retail and distribution of recordings 10,190 in recording 2,890 in composition of musical works and music publishing 1,300 in promotion, management and agency related activities

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