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Excel - Functions and Formulae

Level X
Cheltenham Gloucester

Course Overview

Part Time

Jobsmart is a free service from Gloucestershire College to help and support unemployed people, aged 19 (as at 31st August of the academic year) and above, in Gloucestershire to return to work. The courses offered by Jobsmart are tutor led and designed to support you back in to work.

 Courses include:

 Computer Confidence for Work-Part 1

An opportunity for those with little or no computer experience to expand their use of Information technology. Topics will include:

  • Understand the basics of computer hardware and software
  • Learn the basics of Word
  • How to format text ; save and print data
  • Explore the internet and its use in a work environment or to help with job searching or interview techniques.
  • Set up an email address
  • How to complete an on line form 

Computer Confidence for Work- Part 2

If you have completed Part 1 or already have a basic understanding of Information Technology, Part 2 will further develop and expand your skills. See checklist in ‘special notes’ for breakdown of elements covered on the course. Main content will be:

  • Practice and develop skills using Word
  • Introduction to Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint for presentations
  • Further explore the internet and its use in a work environment or to help with job searching or interview techniques. 

Steps to Setting Up Your Own Business

This course highlights some of the key issues that need to be considered when you set out to run your own business. Considerations from marketing and sales to finance and legal requirements will be discussed together with the psychology and motivation behind starting up your own business.

Topics covered will include:

  • Setting up a business plan, be able to construct, prepare and present (please see entry requirements)
  • Calculating start-up costs
  • Gain an initial understanding of the financial needs, legal requirements and insurance needed for a small business.
  • Learn the key steps you will need to consider when planning, and creating your business to increase your chances of success and minimise risk.
  • Understand how to market and advertise your business, identifying competition, setting pricing and branding strategies.
  • Customer service - plan how to provide for the individual needs of customers and prepare for obstacles and opportunities that will arise in your venture
  • Networking and public relations
  • Using social media to your advantage
  • Remaining positive and motivated

The course will suit participants who have recently started their own business venture. For those still in the planning stage it would be useful if you could carry out a small amount of research prior to the start of the course to create a business idea.

Sector Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs)

These courses are delivered in partnership with a local employer whereby on successful completion a guaranteed interview is offered. The SWAPs are designed to help jobseekers build confidence to improve their job prospects and enhance their CV.  The length of course can last from a few days to a couple of weeks, offering jobseekers training and skills that employers need.

We have seen some fantastic successes running courses and getting people into work in the following sectors: 

  • Construction 
  • Customer Service
  • Data Administration 
  • Health Care
  • Rail Track
  • Security 
  • Social care 

Preparing to Work in Schools

If you are looking for a career in the education sector either as support staff in school, or to start on a pathway to becoming a teaching assistant, then this could be the course for you! Join us for a 3-week course to prepare you for the challenges of working within a school environment. Whilst with us you will complete a Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Schools qualification, and also develop you key employability skills with our Level 1 Award in Personal Development for Employment qualification.

The course has been designed with school friendly hours to help you complete the training around school hours if required, and will also provide you with opportunities to meet an education recruiter and speak to college staff about progression opportunities to further qualifications for support staff in schools.


These classes are designed to help those where English isn't their first language to gain employability skills to find a job or change their career. Gain confidence speaking English in Interviews and cover such topics as boosting confidence and motivation for work, identifying jobs to match skills, understanding job descriptions, building an attractive CV and cover letter, preparing for an interview and interview practice.

Microsoft Office for Work

Microsoft Office for Work is a 4-day course designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of some key software within the Microsoft Office suite, and how to use these within the workplace. Though a mixture of tutor guided sessions and the opportunity to undertake practical tasks and activities, the course will focus on increasing your skills and practical application of the following Microsoft Office software:

• Microsoft Outlook
• Microsoft Teams
• Office 365
• Microsoft One Drive
• Features of Microsoft Edge including dictation, auto reader and translate.
• Opportunities to practice using other Microsoft Programmes including Word and Excel



Jobsmart supports local employers to find employees suitable for their business. We have worked in partnership with the DWP and employers to support large and small recruitment drives.

For further information please contact 01452 563278 or email jobsmart@gloscol.ac.uk


  • These courses will be free of charge for learners aged 19 and over (as at 31st August of the academic year) in receipt of certain benefits or employed learners earning less than £20,319.00 annual gross salary.

  • Your tutor will be able to advise of any further training opportunities.

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