Choose your own adventure

Whether your dream is to get a head-start in the world of work, or take the plunge into university on your career journey, we make your ambition our ambition.

We help you to reach your goals by working together to make it happen in a way that works for you. We’ll connect you to the right people and give you the opportunity gain experiences that will allow you to grow.

Don’t get caught in the slipstream. Choose your own adventure and stand out from the crowd.

Our students are provided with the flexibility and life support to get to where they want to go. All of our students have the potential to reach their goal and they have one thing in common – a proactive attitude to life and the desire to achieve.

You’re just five steps away from applying.

GC has helped me to understand what qualifications I need to go on to study midwifery. They also push me to do better. It is a great college and with the help of the lecturers and your own initiative you will definitely be successful.

Kick-start your Career

Employers are putting more emphasis on experience when it comes to their job vacancies. Even entry level jobs typically require some relevant experience.

But what does experience actually mean and how can you get it?

Our student development programme involves employer contact which is key to providing work experience opportunities all year round – not just for one week. And we have hundreds business connections at GC to make that happen.

If you know exactly what you want to do we can connect you with businesses in that industry to give you the platform to kick-start your reputation and build contacts for the future.

If you’re not quite sure what you want to do yet, we can provide you with opportunities to experience all kinds of industries to help you discover the kind of work you’d like to do.

Who do you want to be?

We’re not robots! Every single one of you will have individual qualities that bring value to a business.

Are you particularly organised, confident, a good problem solver, or excellent communicator? These are the types of skills employers are looking for.

Our Learning Mentors and Employment Coaches can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll work together to develop your confidence in the things that you might not have much experience in, while nurturing your existing talents to make you really shine. We’ll also help with your CV or university application too.


Why Gloucestershire College?

We have a lot of experience offering Apprenticeships and work-related training. We have industry-standard facilities and experienced teaching staff which provide the ideal complement to work-based learning.

We are here to help

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90% of students would recommend GC and 95% said that the teaching on their course was good.

Ofsted has rated us "good" with "outstanding" features.

We'll look after you. We have dedicated teams to help you and a great new Personal Tutor scheme.