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January 2023 - Open Event Staff Guide

Thank you for supporting our open events. We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome prospective students and parents to GC!

This guide should cover all the information you’ll need to support the events. If you have any queries, please contact Izzie Gazzard.  

About Open Events

Event Format

Visitor Experience


Can't make it?

About Open Events

Open events aim to inspire prospective students and their parents - but most importantly, they encourage applications for our courses and apprenticeships.

We offer visitors the opportunity to:

  • Explore our campuses and facilities
  • Speak with lecturers and students
  • Apply for a course or apprenticeship
  • Get support and guidance from our Student Support and Admissions teams

We really appreciate your support in making their first impressions of us a good one. 


Event Format

January is one of our busier events, so the whole campus will be open for visitors to see and wander around.

Welcome Talks

Welcome Talks give an insight into life at GC and an overview of the courses that we run.

Welcome Talks will start at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.

Subject Talks

Curriculum areas will deliver subject presentations to talk about courses on offer.

Subject talks will start at 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

Please note: Subject Presentations will take place at 5.30pm6.30pm and 7.10pm at the Forest of Dean campus as there will be no 7pm welcome talk. 

Please contact Izzie Gazzard if you have any queries regarding your presentations.

Students and Facilities

Some areas will have classrooms, studios and workshops open for visitors to see. Please use this opportunity to bring your areas to life with displays, etc.

Please encourage students to support on the evening as this is a great way for attendees to hear about life at GC!

Admissions and Student Support

The Admissions Hub will be open, alongside Student Services staff and the Careers Team who can provide advice and guidance on the night. 

We will also have support from Learning Support, ESOL and English and Maths, so please direct visitors to these areas if they have any questions.


Optional Staff Briefings

We understand it can sometimes be hard to squeeze in the time to attend a staff briefing, which is why we have now condensed all the information into this guide and our email invites.

Optional Staff Briefings will take place at the following times and locations:

Gloucester Campus 16 Jan / Student Hub / 4pm

Forest Campus 23 Jan / Food Central / 4pm

Cheltenham Campus 25 Jan / Food Central / 4pm


If you have any unanswered questions, please contact Izzie Gazzard.  

Visitor Experience

Step 1. Registration: Visitors will book their place for the open event. They will choose a timeslot of either 5pm, 6pm or 7pm.

Step 2. Welcome: On arrival, the team will welcome and check-in those who have registered, and register those who have not. They'll be guided to the Welcome Talk. 

Step 3. Welcome Talk: A member of the Exec Team will introduce them to GC. The talk should take around 10-15 minutes.

Step 4. Subject Presentations: Visitors will then be guided to subject areas where they can learn more about courses and speak to lecturers. Some areas will also offer tours or demonstrations in their classrooms which visitors can attend.

Step 5. Explore and Apply: Visitors are then free to explore. Campus maps will be dotted around. They will also be able to speak to Student Support Teams and visit the Application Hub before leaving.


Campus Maps


Forest of Dean


Can't make it?

If you are unwell or have an emergency, please notify your line manager and Izzie Gazzard, so we can arrange a suitable replacement for you.





We will provide food and refreshments for staff supporting open events. In line with our GC Zero commitment, we ask that you bring your own water bottle to refill as needed from water points across each campus.

Collect your food before each event starts. Please ensure that your name is listed on the staffing sheet in order to collect your food, as we will pre-order based on this list.

If you're unsure if you are on the staffing sheet, please contact Izzie Gazzard. 

Campus Food Refreshments
Gloucester Staff Room Staff Room
Forest Staff Room Staff Room
Cheltenham Food Central Food Central

Vegetarian and vegan options will be provided.


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