Attendance, Absence and sickness

The grades that learners achieve are closely linked to attendance rates. At Gloucestershire College we closely monitor attendance and have registers for each session on the timetable. We expect learners to maintain attendance above 95% so they can reach their full potential.

Attendance is compulsory at all classes (inclusive of Maths & English, directed study and work related activities for 16-18 year olds), as these are an integral part of a student’s study programme, students are expected to be punctual in their attendance at these.

Students on study programmes whose attendance falls below 95% in any aspect of the programme of study will meet with the Academic Tutor and Learner Mentor during on-track sessions and persistent low attendance may result in the student being withdrawn from College.

Students are strongly advised not to take holidays during term-time. If planned absence is unavoidable, even if it is just for one day, students must obtain permission from either their Head of School, Course Leader or Academic Tutors well in advance using the online authorisation process. There are a limited number of reasons that classify as authorised absence (see below)

Student absence due to sickness or other reasons not included within authorised absences will require the student to contact the college on the morning of the absence. This should be by either by emailing the Academic tutor and Learner Mentor OR by calling the College and leave an absence message indicating student ID. This is a reporting procedure only, used to encourage students to be responsible for reporting absences as they would be expected to when in employment. Adult learners should email their course tutor to keep them informed of any absences.

Students under 19 who miss one day or part of a day (including when sickness has been reported) will receive a text message the following day. The College will also text you so you are aware of any absences. Please note that you will still be contacted via text even if you have reported the absence as these texts are a prompt for learners to make sure they catch up on work missed and we value your support in reminding them to complete work missed through any form of absence.

Email addresses will be supplied by the Course Leader and Learner Mentor at the outset of the year. This is the preferred method of reporting an absence.

Wherever possible contact tutors via email, the college uses the following format:

If you are unable to e-mail, absences can be reported through the main college number 0345 155 2020.

Only the following will be accepted as authorised absences (please note that these still mean you are missing important sessions and you need to catch up on work) 

  • Driving Test (not exam)
  • Emergency care of Family Member
  • Funeral
  • Hospital Appointment (not general doctor appointment)
  • Interview
  • Jury Service/Court Appearance
  • Religious Holiday
  • Safeguarding Issue
  • University Open Day

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