The Students’ Union (SU) has two main functions. One is to support students and address their concerns. The other is to arrange parties, sporting events, charity fund-raisers, lunch clubs and volunteering options to make sure students have a good time and get the chance to lead fulfilling lives.

You can pick up a calendar of events at the Freshers’ Fayre.

To join in the fun, you can email or call the SU, or visit them at the dining room in Gloucester, Student Services in the Forest of Dean campus, or on the first floor in Cheltenham.

Rewarding Work

Students who participate in organising events for the Students’ Union will be rewarded with credits. These can be redeemed straight away for things like vouchers, or saved for more substantial items later in the year.

Your Representatives

The Cheltenham, Gloucester and Forest of Dean campuses each have their own SU representative (also known as ‘reps’). It’s their job to get other students taking part in organising and enjoying the SU activities and trips.

NUS Discount Card

The NUS Extra card will get you discounts at a variety of retailers and access to prize giveaways.They cost £12 and can be bought online.


If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in the Student Union, fill in the form below:

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Case Study

The students were tasked with creating a business plan and designing a pair of Olympic-themed pants that they could sell to raise money for ‘Pants to Poverty’.

The three Gloucester-based teenagers with the team name ‘Kecks and Bloomers’ won an internal competition beating off five other College teams to go through to the next level of the competition with their ‘Keep Calm and Be British’ design.

The designers then had to sell 500 pairs of their bespoke pants by 1st June to be in with a chance of winning the overall competition and being given the opportunity to visit a village in India where the Pants to Poverty project is crucial.

Design student Alex Elmer-Menage said:

“It is an incredible opportunity to see a country we wouldn’t normally have the chance to visit. If we can help make a difference to people living there, it will be worth all of the hard work we have put in. We have all been on Facebook, Twitter and a few other websites promoting the design – please support us and buy a pair of pants!”

Greg Smith said:

“This is a fantastic project. The students have worked very hard to create and promote their pants and now have to sell 500 pairs! I will definitely buy a pair from the young entrepreneurs and would encourage everyone else to do so as well. It’s a great experience for the students and a very worthwhile cause.”