What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding in the further education system proceeds from a deep commitment to place the student at the center of our concerns, and to build around the student those policies, practices and procedures they need to succeed.

Gloucestershire College is committed to the Safeguarding of students and safer recruitment of staff. The drive for inclusive learning has succeeded in bringing into the system students with a wide range of needs, including many who can now be deemed 'vulnerable'.

Designated Senior Safeguarding Lead
Sue Steed (Vice Principal)

Deputy Senior Safeguarding Lead
Helen Evans

Meet the Safeguarding Team?

Safeguarding Cause for Concern Or Disclosure Form

GC'S Safeguarding Policy


What are we Safeguarding from?


Learners need to be in a safe environment when they are at college, in contact with members of staff, other learners and/or visitors.  Safeguarding actions may need to be taken to protect learners from concerns such as:

  • radicalisation and/or extremist behaviour
  • neglect                                                                     
  • physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse
  • bullying, including on-line bullying and prejudice-based bullying
  • hate crime, including racist, disability and homophobic or trans-phobic abuse
  • gender-based violence and/or violence against women and girls
  • substance abuse
  • technological abuse e.g. sexting
  • child sexual exploitation and/or trafficking
  • teenage relationship abuse and/or coercive control
  • domestic violence
  • female genital mutilation
  • forced marriage

How can we Safeguard effectively?

There are various ways that we can Safeguard students within the College effectively:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Training for All Staff
  • Awareness Raising
  • A Culture of Vigilance
  • Health and Safety

Why Gloucestershire College?

We have a lot of experience offering Apprenticeships and work-related training. We have industry-standard facilities and experienced teaching staff which provide the ideal complement to work-based learning.

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