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Our Advice Team, based in Student Services, can give you free and confidential advice on picking a career path and planning your studies to get there. We see lots of students every year who need help. After all, these are big, life changing decisions!  There's no need for you to make the choice alone.

Don't worry - we're always happy to help.

What If I'm Not Sure About Going to University?

Some Further Education courses will help you keep your options open. If you're really struggling to decide on a future career path you'll still be able to pick something that could lead to Higher Education (HE), just in case!

For example, you could pick some diverse BTEC subjects that could lead to a variety of job sectors and make you eligible for a few different HE courses.

What If I Make the Wrong Choice?

If you change your mind about the course you've picked within the first six weeks, you can have another chance to get it right.

Sometimes you can only know if something is right for you by trying it out and there's no stigma attached to making the wrong choice at your first go.

We will do our best to help you no matter what happens!

How Can I Find Out More About My Options?

If you're reading this at midnight then you probably don't want to call the Advice Team! Don't worry - you can also browse our departments to get a taste of the courses we offer.

If you're confused about the various types of course, take a look through our guide here to get a better idea of what's involved.

And finally...

In our Information for Parents section there are some tips for things to consider when making your decision. Why not read through it with your family and have a chat?

Why Gloucestershire College?

We have a lot of experience offering Apprenticeships and work-related training. We have industry-standard facilities and experienced teaching staff which provide the ideal complement to work-based learning.

We are here to help

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