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    This course will give you a comprehensive introduction into the graphic design industry.

    “Teaching by professionally-skilled teachers is inspirational, carefully planned and provides very positive challenge for all learners.” (Ofsted, 2013)

    Your studies will include: • Typography and Illustration • Digital Manipulation and Life Drawing • Marketing and Branding • Web Design and Desktop Publishing All Level 3 students will have the opportunity to undertake a range of live projects in graphics design, desk top publishing and illustration as well as numerous competitions. We have our own in-house design agency that will give you the opportunity to pitch for jobs and gain that all important industry experience. Within the industry you would usually work from around 9 am to 5 pm, but you would need to work longer hours when there are deadlines to meet. As a freelance graphic designer, your hours would vary depending on the work you get. You would usually be based in a studio or office, but may spend some time visiting clients and printers. Starting salaries can be around £15,000 a year. Experienced graphic designers can earn between £19,000 and £30,000 a year, and senior graphic designers can earn up to, and over, £50,000. Figures are intended as a guideline only. There are almost 200,000 people working in the design industry, of which 51% are in communications, interior and exhibition, 42% are in product and industrial design, and 7% are in stage and set design. There are over 18,000 businesses, of which 94% employ less than 50 people. 34% of the design workforce is located in London and the South East. Design contributes £6.8 billion to the UK economy. 32% of the design workforce is self-employed. 14% of the workforce work part-time. 50% of those working in design have a level 4 or above qualification. Men and women are equally likely to have a qualification at level 4 or above. Women are likely to earn less money than men (66% of women in design earn less than £20,000 per year, compared to only 39% of men). Jobs in the industry include advertising design, computer game designer, costume designer, exhibition designer, fashion designer, footwear designer, graphic designer, industrial designer, interactive designer, interior designer, product designer, textile designer and textile maker. There are over 60,000 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 9% of the UK sector workforce. There are approximately 5,000 creative businesses in the region, of which 93% employ less than 50 people. 47% of the workforce is self-employed in arts, design and music. 59% of the workforce is male. 98% of the sector workforce is white and 46% are under 40 years. West Midlands - There are 40,300 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 6% of the UK sector workforce. There are approximately 5,000 creative businesses in the region, of which 91% employ less than 50 people. 31% of the workforce is self-employed, which is the lowest regional figure.

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Graphic Design

Level 3



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September 2018 (TBC)

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