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    This course focuses on the rapid development of the field of music, concentrating particularly on the practical elements.



    "The development of learners’ technical skills and knowledge is excellent.” (Ofsted, 2013)


    You may study:

    • The context of music in modern society• Composition and arranging
    • • Professional practice and performance studies
    • The sound and Music Industry.

    You’ll learn how to put on music events, how to write and perform music of varying styles on your own and in groups, how to develop your own freelance skills as a musician, how to sell yourself and your music and why and how music works. Expect a very practical course combining theory and practice where you’ll complete exciting practical briefs, experiment with a variety of techniques and be inspired to create your own style of musicianship.


    Gloucestershire College has excellent facilities and specialised staff with industry experience. You will enjoy live assignment briefs and the chance to take part in real musical events and commissions. The College has close links with artists and industry as well as fantastic kit/resources.  You will have the opportunity to learn how to use a wide range of professional software, hardware and kit and organise, promote, perform at and film your own gigs, both amplified and acoustic.  You will also have the opportunity to perform at the UK Skills Battle of the Bands competition, and develop wider skills (research, presentation etc) that will prepare you for work within the music industry, university and other forms of employment.


    Your annual income would vary according to how successful you were and how much work you could get. See the Musicians' Union, Equity (the performers' union) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) websites for recommended rates of pay for session musicians and live performers. There are 102,220 people working in the music industry, of which 50,780 work in live performance 21,930 in production, retail and distribution of musical instrument/audio equipment 15,130 in retail and distribution of recordings 10,190 in recording 2,890 in composition of musical works and music publishing 1,300 in promotion, management and agency related activities

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Course Variant


Level 3



Start Date

September 2018 (TBC)

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