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Professional IT and Cyber Apprenticeships

We have apprenticeship training programmes starting this September for:

Cyber Security Technologists, Software Developers, Software Testers, Network Engineers, Infrastructure Technicians

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Infrastructure Technician Level 3

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Network Engineer Level 4

Cyber Security Technologist Level 4

Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

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Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship in partnership with UWE Bristol - Level 6

Starting this September, taught by Gloucestershire College's cyber experts and UWE Bristol lecturers, apprentices can earn a UWE Bristol degree right here at GC in our brand new world-class £3million cyber facility, within easy reach of work or home.

This apprenticeship is for cyber security technical professionals operating in business, technology or engineering functions. They will operate autonomously, and lead teams which research, analyse, model, assess and manage cyber security risks, and design, develop, justify and manage solutions.  

Core areas of study will include:  

  • Foundations of cyber security
  • Network foundations
  • Information management 
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating system principles
  • Algorithm and program design 
  • Malware, threats ad defensive programming
  • Risk assessment 
  • Security Assurance
  • Legal, regulatory, compliance and standards

Cyber Security Technologist - Level 4

This course is suitable for people already working in a security related role such as a Cyber Security Specialist, Information Security Analyst, Forensics & Incident Response Analyst or Penetration Tester, and for those aspiring to develop a career in cyber security.

Core areas of study will include:

  • Threats, hazards, risks and intelligence
  • Developing and analyzing a security case
  • Organisational context for a  structured and reasoned implementation of security in a network
  • Cyber security risk assessment
  • Information security policy and procedure
  • Incident response

The duration of the apprenticeship is 24 months.

Software Developer Technician - Level 3

A Software Development Technician typically works as part of a software development team, to build simple software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects.

This apprenticeship will develop competencies including:

  • Logic: write code to achieve the desired functionality using the appropriate tools and methods applicable
  • Security: apply security principals to all work within the development lifecycle
  • Development support: understand the business context and drivers during development. Communication
  • Data: can link to a range of database types and embed data queries within their code
  • Test: can test and analyse their code to identify errors as soon as possible in the coding process and on an interactive basis, can design manual tests, understand expected results
  • Analysis: can read and understand data to ensure they know and can meet the customers’ requirements
  • Development lifecycle
  • Quality: can identify and follow standards and good practice that can improve programming efficiency, style and quality

Once successfully completed the apprentice is recognised for entry on to the register of IT Technicians confirming SFIA Level 3 professional competence.

Software Developer - Level 4

This apprenticeship is for people wanting to be trained in a web development, application development, mobile app development, games development or software development role.

The apprenticeship will develop competences including:

  • Software development lifecycle and methodologies
  • Writing code in at least one language and creating a user interface for at least one channel
  • linking code to databases
  • Problem solving, testing code and analysing results to correct errors
  • Design: creating data models and software designs
  • Analysis: understanding and creating basic analysis artefacts
  • Deployment: building, managing and deploying code into enterprise environments
  • Applying maths (algorithms, logic and data structures) in software development

Apprentices will work towards a Microsoft Certified Professional qualification (MCP) or certified qualification in a language such as C++, PHP or Hadoop as part of their apprenticeship, in conjunction with a knowledge module

Software Tester - Level 4

This apprenticeship is for people wanting to be trained in a software tester/ software test analyst role.  Testers typically design and prepare test plans and conduct software testing.  They will have a good understanding of the software lifecycle and software development practices.

The apprenticeship will develop competences including:

  • Implementing software testing procedure
  • Reviewing software requirements and specifications for functionality and security
  • Designing simple test strategies for non-complex projects
  • Analysing test requirements and designing and preparing test plans
  • Developing and collecting represented and realistic test data
  • Conducting a range of different software testing types
  • Accurately recording the outcome of test activities and maintaining accurate records and reports
  • Assessing test results against expected results
  • Presenting and communicating results effectively
  • Operating the organisation’s software testing tools effectively following procedures
  • Complying with relevant legislation
  • Completing allocated tasks in accordance with the organisations reporting and quality systems
  • Operating within service level agreements

Apprentices will work towards an International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) Tester (Foundation Level) qualification as part of their apprenticeship.

Infrastructure Technician - Level 3

This apprenticeship is for people wanting to be trained in a help desk technician, first or second line support, IT infrastructure technician or network support role.

The apprenticeship will develop competences including:

  • Communications:
  • IT Security
  • Remote infrastructure
  • Data
  • Problem solving
  • Workflow management
  • Health and safety
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive

Apprentices will work towards a Microsoft certified professional (MCP) CompTIA/A+ and ITIL Certification as part of their apprenticeship.

Once completed successfully the apprentice is recognised for entry on to the register of IT Technicians confirming SFIA Level 3 professional competence.


Network Engineer - Level 4

This apprenticeship is for people wanting to be trained in a network technician, network engineer, system engineer or network administrator role.

The apprenticeship will develop competences including:

  • Designing simple networks from a well-defined specification
  • Installing and configuring network components
  • Optimising the performance of the network systems and performance
  • Applying diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the causes of network problems
  • Applying structured approaches to troubleshooting network issues
  • Undertaking systems upgrades to network hardware, software and operating system 
  • Integrating network related software into existing systems
  • Interpreting written requirements and technical specifications
  • Logging and responding to network service calls
  • Documenting work done in accordance with agreed procedures
  • Operating within the parameters of service level agreements
  • Operating effectively in the business environment

Apprentices will work towards professional CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ qualifications as part of their apprenticeship, as well as a knowledge module.

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