IT Workshops

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Microsoft Excel – The Basics

Gain an understanding of Excel with this half-day workshop.

This workshop will cover creating a spreadsheet using basic formulas and statistical functions to calculate Minimum, Maximum and Averages. You will learn to navigate, select, enter data in a spreadsheet and apply a variety formatting option including, font styles, cell alignment, borders, shading, number and date formats. It will also look at page setup and printing options to produce final printouts.

0.5 day £50 Cheltenham 20 August,1 October,10 December 2019

Microsoft Excel – Pivot Tables

This workshop covers data list essentials, sorting, filtering and custom filters. You will learn how to create Pivot Tables to quickly summarise and create smaller reports from large amounts of data. This will include creating, modifying & formatting a Pivot Table, interactive slicers, grouping, drilling down, summary/custom calculation, using the GETPIVOTDATA Function and creating and modifying Pivot Chart Reports.

0.5 day £50 Cheltenham 21 August, 2 October, 11 December 2019

Microsoft Excel – Manipulating Data

Gain a greater understanding of how to successfully manipulate data.

This workshop is for anyone who is required to manipulate large amounts of data. It covers structuring data list, converting ranges into tables, conditional formatting, sorting & filtering, subtotals & grouping, also includes named ranges and data validation.

0.5 day £50 Cheltenham 20 August, 1 October, 10 December 2019

Microsoft Excel – Functions & Formula

Gain a greater insight to the possibilities of functions and formulae in excel with this half-day workshop.

This workshop will cover creating formulas and statistical functions, including Sum, Average and Count, as well as the more complex IF function and calculating percentages. You will learn about using the fill handle, absolute & relative referencing, identifying and correcting common errors, such as circular references.

0.5 day £50 Cheltenham 21 August, 2 October, 11 December 2019
Microsoft Office – PowerPoint 0.5 day £50 Cheltenham 22 August, 3 October, 12 December 2019


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